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For over thirty years, South Louisiana Bank has proudly served our customers, our community, and the surrounding area, working hard to provide the best available banking products and services. Its doors opened on June 30, 1980, in a mobile home designed and built for use as a bank, and at first, only basic bank services were offered. In 1983, however, a beautiful 12,000 square-foot Main Office was completed, and the bank was able to offer new products and opportunities as a full-service financial institution. Always cognizant of its role in the community and the direction it wished to follow, South Louisiana Bank has continued to provide new services, strong leadership, and personal service from a staff of high-quality personnel.

By the year 2000, the Main Office had outgrown its quarters, and newly completed construction more than doubled the square footage and provided much needed space for accommodating customers and employees. South Louisiana Bank, the oldest locally-owned community bank in Terrebonne Parish, can now offer customers one-stop banking as well as non-traditional bank services. In addition to the Main Office, the bank has five branches located conveniently throughout the parish – East Side, West Side, South Terrebonne, Bayou Black, and Bayou Blue. Today, your bank serves not only our local community; it is also able to reach out and serve banks and consumers throughout our country.

Products and Services

With advances in technology, South Louisiana Bank has maintained a competitive edge in the financial services industry. The bank is able to provide all basic financial services along with technology-advanced online banking, online bill paying, mobile banking, and e-statements. With a blend of many years of customer relationship management and experienced people, the Bank can offer a unique form of quality customer service. Local decision-making and control puts South Louisiana Bank in the customer’s reach at all times. Management’s responsiveness and feel for the community provide the bank with an excellent opportunity to serve our customers.

In 1997, South Louisiana Bank was recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the top 100 Small Business Banks in the United States. In 2001, the Small Business Administration recognized South Louisiana Bank as the top small business bank in Terrebonne Parish. It also ranked the bank 8th in the State of Louisiana.

Community Involvement

South Louisiana Bank is an integral part of the Terrebonne Parish community. The bank’s management is aware of avenues in which the bank has the opportunity to show its commitment to the community. It encourages and is proud of the officers and other members of the staff who are energetically involved in community affairs and activities. As participants, these employees give willingly of themselves in time and effort to the civic, community, professional, religious, social, and economic organizations to which they belong. Some serve as board members; some serve as volunteer teachers or instructors; and others are involved as active members of their groups. All are motivated to serve and are working hard – for the education of children and young adults, for the handicapped and disabled, for underprivileged and low-income families, for conservation of our resources, for the elderly, for churches, for the economic strength of our community, and for the betterment of the financial industry. South Louisiana Bank commends these volunteers as they strive to make a difference and achieve a brighter future for our community.

The Bank’s Performance

Over the years, South Louisiana Bank has grown steadily and has provided shareholders with cash dividends on their bank stock, which continues to increase in value. Management is especially proud of the bank’s ability to out-perform many of our peer banks in both good and bad economic times. We are proud to serve – our customers, our community, our country.


Address & Driving Directions:
1362 West Tunnel Blvd., Houma, LA 70360

Voice: 985-851-3434

Fax: 985-851-4928